Garage Door Openers
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Your garage door opener is the heart of your automatic garage door system. Having a reliable opener is essential to keep your garage door functioning properly. There are many differences between openers but you can feel confident that our experts will choose and install the best opener for your garage door. We can also diagnose and repair your garage opener when it malfunctions. We service all brands of garage openers including Craftsman Garage Door Openers, LiftMaster, Genie and many more!

We offer two types of garage door opener systems; belt drive and chain drive. Here are the basic differences:

  • Chain Drive – Chain drive are the most common and generally the most affordable type of opener. Chain drives operate by pushing or pulling a trolley (carriage) that connects to a metal arm attached to the garage. While chain drives are very reliable, they tend to be a bit noisier although newer models are significantly quieter than older models.

  • Belt Drive – Belt drives are the most popular drive currently. They operate similar to chain drives except for using a reinforced belt to push or pull the trolley. Belts are made from different materials such as polyurethane, fiberglass, or steel-reinforced rubber. The biggest advantage of belt-drive systems is their quiet operation.

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Strong and reliable chain for rugged long lasting performance with AC motor. The opener includes: New safety sensors, 2 Remotes, Keyless entry, Wall button & take down and haul away of old unit.  We will also check the balance of your door and lube your door and new opener. Installed for 7’ tall door. 

Warranty:  10 year motor warranty, 1 year chain warranty. 3 yr. parts and labor warranty

Total: $360.00




Our belt drive opener offers reliability and a quiet operation with AC motor. Great for bedroom above the garage. Smooth, Ultra quiet performance with a steel reinforced belt. The opener includes: 2 Remotes, Wall button, Safety sensors and haul away for your old unit. Warranty: 10 year motor warranty and Lifetime belt warranty.



CHAMBERLAIN Β½ BELT WIFI – MODEL #B550 (2 Remotes And Keyless Entry)

Ultra quiet performance with AC motor.  Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to operate this opener with a smartphone or tablet.  The opener includes: New wall button, 2 Remotes, keyless entry, Infrared safety sensors and twin panel lighting. Installed for 7’ tall door. 

Warranty:  10 year motor warranty and Lifetime belt warranty. The opener also includes: Delivery, installation and haul away for old unit. 5 yr warranty parts and labor, lifetime belt and motor

Total: $429.95



CHAMBERLAIN 1.25 BELT WIFI & BATTERY BACKUP – MODEL #B970 (2 Remotes And Keyless Entry)

For homeowners who want Ultra-Quiet operation and the peace of mind of Battery Backup system, also with Wi-Fi you have the convenience of remote monitoring and operation via smart phone or tablet.  When the power goes out, no worries, this garage door opener still works.  With the battery backup system you are able to open your garage door with no power up to 20 times.  This opener includes: 2 remotes and keyless entry, Smart Motion detecting wall console, infrared safety sensors & twin panel lighting. Installed for 7’ tall door.

Warranty:  Lifetime motor and belt.  Includes:  Delivery, installation, and haul away of your old unit.  5 yr. warranty parts and labor, lifetime motor and belt

Total: $509.00



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