Why You Should Consider Buying an Insulated Garage Door

When an attached garage has a room above it, here is a sneaky thing contractors don’t want you to know: the garage shares its temperature and noise with the room above. When you buy your next garage door, one of the things you should consider is how much the temperature of the room above your garage affects your electric bill. In many homes, the room above the garage is cold in the winter and warm in summer.


No insulation

Contractors generally do not add insulation between the garage and the room above it. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the comfort level of the room above the garage isn’t what it should be. Also, the room above the garage is generally topped by the attic, which makes it even more vulnerable to temperature anomalies. The ventilation for the room should be much better than the other places in the house, but it’s generally configured with the same ratio as other rooms in the home, without its position being taken into account.


A simple way to help regulate the temperature extremes in the garage is to buy an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door will protect not only the air temperature in the garage but also the contents of the garage. This includes not only the car but also things such as paint which benefit from less extreme temperatures.


An insulated garage is much quieter than its non-insulated counterpart. The reason is that a lot of the rattle and grind from a garage door opening and closing is caused by the door, itself. An insulated garage doesn’t rattle because it’s sturdier than its non-insulated counterpart.

Solid construction

An insulated garage door is solidly constructed, making it more capable of standing up to the damage caused by balls, bikes, or even storms. An insulated garage door has the heft to stand up to much more than the average door, meaning it will look better for a more extended time.


Because most garage doors are attached to the house and showcased in the front of the home, a garage door is an excellent addition to the curb appeal of a home. And, since an insulated garage door stands up better to dents and dings, it will be a beautiful addition to the house not only when it’s newly installed, but also for many years into the future.

From comfort to quiet, to curb appeal, and the insulated garage door is a worthy investment for a home. If you are considering replacing your garage door and want to talk about replacing it with an insulated model, give us a call. We’d be glad to hear from you.

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