How to Protect Your Car and Garage During Monsoon Season

Monsoon season has arrived, so we are preparing to see some damage to garage doors, both as a result of high winds and from fallen branches and debris. A garage door can be susceptible to damage, both because it covers a big area, often right in front of the house, because it’s heavy, and because it’s flat.

Today we’re going to talk about some precautions a homeowner can take to avoid problems as the result of monsoon weather and its aftermath.

Damage from wind

If the original garage door installation wasn’t up to snuff, some homeowners are finding that the added pressure of monsoon winds, also called a haboob, can be enough to damage the garage door or hamper garage door operation. Professional installation pays off because solid weatherization means wind, dust, and water stay out of the garage. It also provides for smooth operation, which may be particularly crucial if wood components swell as a result of humidity.

Beware of wildlife


When a monsoon hits, coyotes, snakes, and rodents searching for immediate cover will seek the closest shelter, even if it isn’t their home. Keeping the garage door closed tightly will help prevent your garage from becoming a refuge for critters. Not only might they decide to stay, but even if they go home after the monsoon event, they can leave unwanted pests such as fleas and ticks in their wake. This is especially wise if you have pets.

Protect your car

When a monsoon hits, the safest place a car can be is inside a dry, snug garage. Stay put! Visibility during a monsoon event can be zero. Flying debris and falling trees can damage a car, and the occupants can get hurt. Flooding is a real danger in the Valley, both because of the torrential rain and because of oil on the roads which ‘floats’ during a thunderstorm, making streets slick and challenging to navigate. It’s easy to miscalculate the amount of water and become stuck. So the safest thing to do is to wait out a monsoon before driving anywhere, and be incredibly careful where and how you drive afterward.

Have damage repaired immediately

If a garage door is damaged during a monsoon, an immediate repair can not only prevent a breach in security, but it can also prevent more damage down the road, especially if the damage interferes with the operation of the door.

Service, repair, or replacement after the season

Sometimes a homeowner will realize after the monsoon season that their garage door isn’t up to snuff, and they’ll call for garage door service, a repair, or even replacement. You can be sure that having your garage door serviced is worthwhile, especially if it’s become loud or stalls, since proper care can keep it from breaking down and possibly causing more damage.