The garage door repair industry is not without its share of scammers, and one such outfit has settled in Orange County and has made it a policy to overcharge customers deliberately. So, today we’re going to talk about how garage door owners can protect themselves against tricksters. The first step is to find a garage door repair company you trust.

Online reviews

If a garage door company has negative reviews from people saying they were overcharged or ripped off, that should be a red alert not to pursue a repair from that company. Sometimes it’s easier to look up the phone number of an outfit and have them come out and do the repair. This is especially true if the car is locked in the garage and the owner is late for work. But taking a moment to read reviews can save a homeowner money and headaches.

Get a written estimate.

It’s fair to ask for a written estimate when a garage door company comes out to fix a door. If the price changes when they arrive, it’s also fair to send them away. Advertising a price and then changing it once they are on site is a sneaky tactic. Don’t fall for it! The work should also be guaranteed.

Beware of Fake coupons

Some shady garage door repair companies send out mailers for a garage door service at a low, low price. But, the fine print says, “Parts and labor not included.” So, what are they charging for? The visit. That’s not a fair practice.

Make sure the problem is clearly stated.

A good garage door repair tech will explain when the problem is with the garage door and what it needs before starting the repair. There shouldn’t be any confusion about what is wrong. There should also not be pressure on the homeowner. A lockout is not a premium sales opportunity and will never be treated as such by a reputable garage door company.

Keep the garage door maintained.

The garage door is the largest piece of moving equipment in a home. While a garage door can operate thousands of times flawlessly, it does require maintenance to keep it functioning optimally and safely.

Regular maintenance staves off potential problems before they happen, and a good garage door repair tech will be able to steer a homeowner toward repairs before worn parts can cause a mechanical breakdown.

Develop a relationship with a garage door repair company

A garage door company repairs, replaces, and maintains a garage door and garage door opener. Since maintenance isn’t optional, the best way to make the first contact with a garage door company is to have them come out and perform service maintenance on the garage door.

If the homeowner likes the company and feels comfortable with their skills and integrity, they will feel confident when they call the company for a problem with a garage door or opener or want a replacement. They’ll know they can trust the garage door company to treat them fairly and guarantee the work performed.

We don’t want to see anyone ripped off or overcharged. But, most importantly, we’d like to be the company you can call with confidence when you need a garage door specialist. Why not give us a try with a garage door service or minor repair?

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